Monday, April 2, 2012

Some of our past trips

Derren and I are about to embark on a trip of a lifetime, and I thought that the best way to start the blog of our trip is to share some pictures of past vacations we have taken together. We are looking forward to sharing stories and pictures from our various adventures in the coming month. And we look forward to reading your comments and keeping in touch while we are miles away!

Here is just a taste of some of the trips we have taken together in the past!

Here's one from a trip we took to Lake Tahoe in the Summer of 2007:

This one is from the Einck Family reunion in Aptos, CA in the Summer of 2008. In this picture we are heading to the beach with some of my family:

Also in the Summer of 2008 is when we went to Malaysia (we actually left RIGHT after this family reunion). This was a much shorter trip to Southeast Asia...this time we are staying for almost five weeks! In this particular picture we are at a beach resort on the coast of Malaysia.

In my break between first and second year of med school we took a trip to Reno and Las Vegas. Here's a picture from the strip:

We took a few trips in 2010. This first picture is from a road trip down to coast of California on our way to Los Angeles during the break between my second and third year of med school. This picture was taken in Monterey.

Then, in June of 2010 we went on our first cruise. We did a week long cruise along the coast of Alaska and it was absolutely beautiful! A little cold and rainy...but beautiful nonetheless!

And on New Year's Eve of 2010 we spent the day in San Francisco. Not really a huge vacation or anything, but I like this picture of us in front of the Golden Gate!

And we didn't take many trips in 2011, but here's a picture of us from a weekend trip we took to Reno.

And now we will have many posts of our big 2012 trip to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia! We will do our best to post pictures as often as we can! Our flight leaves from San Francisco tomorrow at 1:30pm...Asia here we come!

Ashley & Derren


  1. YAY I cannot wait to see all the pics and hear ALL about your trip! Have fun and BE SAFE

  2. So DAMN cute makes me sick to my stomach! I miss you guys. Have a safe flight!