Thursday, April 5, 2012

The start of day one - at the airport!

So we've officially made it to the San Francisco International Airport and are currently sitting in the Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge, snacking on some treats. Neither of us have ever had the privilege of sitting in a LOUNGE with FREE FOOD and DRINKS (including alcohol!) while waiting for someone to tell us personally when we should board. It is amazing, and we haven't even boarded the plane! We can't wait to take tons of pictures on the plane and show you all what first class is really like! We will arrive in Singapore in a little more than 30 hours. Once we get there and take a nap, we will update our blog and share the experience with you!

Here's a few pictures to get you started:

Derren's thoughts:

Since I was a little baby, I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to fly from the U.S. to Malaysia with my Mom. We did this quite often, probably every 2-3 summers, to visit my Grandmother/Grandfather/relatives. Each time we boarded the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, I knew that an exciting adventure lied ahead. Upon boarding, we would make our usual walk to the back of the plane into Economy, passing through Business Class. I always wanted to sit in one of those big comfy chairs but never had the opportunity. During the flight, I always asked my mom to see if I could visit the cockpit or go upstairs to the upperdeck. Typically I was denied, but I did have the lucky opportunity once to meet the Captain. Each flight has steadily increased my passion for flying and I promised myself that one day, just once, I would fly First or Busines Class.

Today, my desires have come true. Today, I am flying First Class to Singapore on Cathay Pacific, one of the premiere airlines in the world. What makes it even better is that this entire $12,000 flight is free (plus 100 dollars in fees). So for those who have never flown in the "priveleged" classes or have always dreamed of doing so, I hope I can let you experience just a little bit of the bliss that awaits me on board. Stay tuned for pictures!

Ashley & Derren


  1. Love this, Ashley! I can't wait to follow your guys' adventure! What an amazing experience!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Aw Derren, it's so nice to see your "dream of a lifetime" come true. You were jealous of all those "privileged" people. You are now experiencing "bliss". And you once met a real-life Captain!

    That was such a sappy paragraph that I know that Ashley wrote it and not you. Either that, or you suddenly turned into a giddy 5-year-old girl. :)